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The key to effective service rates mostly on customer satisfaction. That said, we can confidently say that at Direct Locksmith we offer top class service, and we take pride in the number of new, and repeat clients who are quite the happy campers. For us to be ranked as the best locksmith company in Richmond Hill, we had to undergo a lot of grooming. Value experience, couple to a skilled workforce and a dedication unlike anything ever seen in the industry is what has established our reputation as a leader in the business.

Our vision is simple-quick and easy service at a pocket friendly rate. We consider that our clients may be looking for a permanent solution to a lasting problem, but they may be in a position to afford the kind of obscene prices that many locksmith companies charge. That’s where we come in. The key element here is to understand that our services are round the clock. We take everything seriously, and we work towards ensuring that all your locks work as they should, nothing less.

Many residents in Richmond Hill have to contend with dozens of security concerns every so often. Elevated crime rate have led to an increase in break-ins, and residents are now looking for a solution to ensure they don’t fall victim to vandalism. As the largest and most reputable locksmith company, experts at Direct Locksmith have reiterated their commitment to high value service, and to ensuring that clients feel safe in their own homes. As a value service provider, we work towards giving all our clients peace of mind, and this works in providing a set of sophisticated, tamper proofed locks that are virtually impossible to crack.

Our services vary substantially. As an industry leader, we offer anything from key duplication, ignition repair, to emergency services such as house lockout and ignition repair. There are instances where you lose you keys in the bus on the way home, or scenarios where you lock yourself out of your own house. This has a tendency to happen at vey odd hours of the day, and sometimes there is no one on hand to help. That’s where we come in. As the principle locksmith company in Richmond Hill, we offer a 24 hour service line that allows you to call at any time, even in the wee hours of the night. Once you call us, we will ensure that we have one of our skilled locksmiths right over to help you sort out your problems.

Our services are not just restricted to your home. Vandalism today extends to cars and safes. Just to be safe, it is important to ensure that you automobile is fitted with the latest in locksmith technology, for the main purpose of ensuring it doesn’t get stolen right from under your nose. has a team of highly qualified personnel who are ready and willing to help you out; all you have to do is make a call. Try us, you won’t regret it.

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